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Alyssa and Kyle - Tuscan Hillside
Alyssa & Kyle - Under the Arch
Alyssa & Kyle - Gazebo
Alyssa & Kyle - Hillside Overlook
Alyssa & Kyle - Reception Area
Alyssa & Kyle - Reception Table
Alyssa & Kyle - Front Gate
Alyssa & Kyle - Road to Il Palazzo
Alyssa - Hillside Overlook
Alyssa & Kyle - Entrance Main House
Alyssa - Entrance Main House

Create the Perfect Tuscany Wedding
You'll Remember for a Lifetime!

Destination Wedding

Vow Renewal

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places on Earth to celebrate the joining of two individuals, whether it's your first wedding, a second marriage, a vow renewal, or a special anniversary! At our properties, we have several beautiful locations overlooking the Tuscan hillsides where you can hold the ceremony and reception. Plus, there are many picturesque spots for photographing your event! In addition, we'll help you set up all the arrangements for your guests who are staying at the villas. It will truly be a memorable event you'll cherish for a lifetime! 

Here's How We Make Your Wedding Special!

If you're planning a destination wedding, vow renewal, or anniversary party, then we can help you create an event that's everything you've dreamed it to be.


On our properties, we can handle a small wedding party at your event with space to accommodate your guests. You can choose to have the ceremony on the property overlooking the beautiful vistas or in the local church in the area. Another option is to have your rehearsal dinner on the property and have your venue elsewhere if you choose. Your wedding planner can help set that up for you.


Here's how we can customize your event to your specific needs and how we can make it truly special:


  • We'll set you up with a local wedding planner who can take care of all of the details of the event

  • We'll provide you with a caterer who can create a beautiful table setting for your guests, offer a Prosecco toast to congratulate the bride and groom, and serve a gourmet Tuscan dinner paired with local Tuscan wine.

  • The reception will include all of the set-up, serving, and clean-up.

  • Decorations can be arranged upon your request and handled by your wedding planner, or you can bring them with you.

  • Your wedding planner will also arrange for a DJ, florist, photographer, and minister/justice of the peace, depending on your specific needs.

Let us know how we can help you create the event of your dreams. Click below to let us know what you're looking for and we'll provide you with a free quote.​​


Call Us to Help You Set up Your Wedding or Vow Renewal!


Valerie Malecki

US Sales Manager

"I live part-time in Certaldo, Tuscany, as well as in North Carolina, in the US. It's my passion to help clients plan their dream Tuscany vacation. In addition to clients, I also work with travel advisors and providers for Tuscany travel and group tour operations." 

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